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STEM Extracurriculars


Polka Dot Montessori is partnered with CodeRobo in offering an extra-curricular science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program. This program will touch on real world contexts. They will learn about what is going on in the world today and will provide transferable skills that children will use in the future. The STEM program is a great way for children to work in teams and collaborate with not only their peers but coaches and other adults.

A portion of the program will focus on robotics, we are privileged to partner up with First Robotics Canada to follow a program that supports children from ages three to fourteen years old. The program will work with Legos to start but children will grow to work with more complicated material and coding. The break down will be:

1.  First Lego League Discover (3 -6 years old) – This program is designed to grab the young minds of children and get them intrigued about robotics. Classes are normally done in ten sessions but materials and projects may extend past that. The goal of this portion of the program is to give children preparation and confidence to move on to the next step.

2.  First Lego League Explore (6-10 years old) – continuing on with their brand-new love of robotics, children will be working in teams to explore real world scientific problems such as food safety, recycling, energy, and so much more. In this program children will work together to complete their new projects and think critically through their projects. At the end of each session children will introduce their work and celebrate their accomplishments.

3.  First Lego League Explore (9-14 years old) – Children in this are working on Lego based robots that will be doing a specific task. This will be guided by a coach but the children will ultimately do all the work!

The programs additionally offer programming in Python and Scratch, as well as learning the fundamentals of website development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). These programs support children from ages 6 to 14. More information about our program can be viewed at CodeRobo


This program will be offered after school and on weekends. And during after school hours, for more program information and fees please feel free to contact us!



Yoga Extracurriculars


Yoga is not just for adults but for children too! It is a fantastic discipline that will teach children life skills for the future but provides a fantastic physical outlet where children can express

themselves. Yoga has so many benefits such as:

  • Emotional development – It will learn skills that will assist in self-regulation. During these classes children will have opportunities to focus on their breathing that will help assist them in managing their anxiety and emotions.

  • Discipline – Clearing one’s mind and working on patience and awareness

  • Physical development – Yoga promotes flexibility and strength in one’s body.

Polka Dot Montessori focuses on the overall child. Providing opportunities for children to explore new things.  


Music Extracurriculars


Polka Dot Montessori is offering a music program for children three and up. In the early years, children will be introduced to music and move to the beats of music but music is so much more then dancing  but it provides stimulation to the brain. Music classes here at Polka Dot Montessori is not just about learning to play an instrument but providing creative expression. Music is a wonderful gift that can lift spirits but also provide knowledge on basic literacy and numbers. Children will learn the difference in sounds and anticipate what is coming next.

Music programs will be run during after school hours as well as on weekends! It will be thought by a trained professional who will teach age-appropriate music skills. Please contact us if you are interested and would like to know more!


Language Extracurriculars


Polka Dot Montessori is proud to offer different language programs, the best way for children to learn new languages is through hands on activities and lessons. Here at Polka Dot Montessori, we have teachers who are fluent in French or Mandarin. The program will allow for children to fully immerse themselves in their new languages, consistency is so important, it will focus on reinforcing their learning and increasing their exposure and results. We live in an interconnected world filled with multiple languages, learning different languages will improve not only their learning skills but social skills too.

Freedom of choice and movement is still very important to Polka Dot Montessori and we are encouraging children to incorporate different languages into their daily routine.  Language programs will be offered after school and on weekends!

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