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 Autism Program 

Autism Program


The Montessori pedagogy supports individualized programming for children, which is of great benefit for children on the Autism spectrum. Children are responsible for choosing their ‘work. ‘ focusing their time and effort for as long as they require in order to feel comfortable with it, and for mastery of the skill.

The traditional teaching and learning methods and the predictable daily routines employed in prepared Montessori benefited enormously from Montessori learning.


The daily routines give them the chance to watch and mimic socially appropriate behaviours such as taking turns in conversation, eye contact, speech inflection, and understanding facial expressions.

Children are allowed to acquire concepts through watching classmates and to participate in their own, comfortable, time frame. Practical life activities in a Montessori environment, help children learn to perform various tasks with confidence, while improving motor skills and coordination.

The open shelves of the prepared environment (an integral part of every Montessori classroom) encourages children to make independent choices and to carry out a process to completion. Children with these special needs benefit even more than ‘normal’ children from the interactive, sensory-utilizing, calming, Montessori Method of learning.

ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy


Polka Dot Montessori is proud to partner up with an ABA therapist and provide children with the best services. Our goal at the Montessori is to provide children and families with the support they need for Children with Autism. We understand how busy parents are; therefor, ABA therapy will be offered at the Montessori.

Parents do not need to make an extra trip in order to get their little one to a therapy session.

Polka Dot Montessori has worked with many children with autism and special needs. We are consistently learning new ways in which they can be better support children and families. Our goal is to help children succeed and reach their full potential.

Polka Dot Montessori Autism Services offers behavioural and educational services to families and children affected by autism. Our highly trained ABA therapist, will work closely with teachers and design an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of your child and family.

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